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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Best Love Break Up Images for Whatsapp Dp - Quotes Images

Break Up Images for Whatsapp available for Free Download. If you are reading this post then you might be searching for some images that can show your sadness about Break-up. Today I am Sharing some nice quotes images on Break Up that you might find suitable for your Whatsapp Dp if you are searching for anything like break-up images, Sad Images for Whatsapp, love-hurts images, broken-heart Images etc. These Quotes Images for Whatsapp are available for free download and you can download these Images from here for your Whatsapp Profile Picture or Facebook Profile Picture or you can use these by sending these Images Quotes in chat or messages. So without wasting time lets check some Love Break Up Images for Whatsapp Display Picture.

Top 10 Break-Up Images for Whatsapp Dp- Download Free

It’s not the breakup that hurts the most. It’s the post trauma that follows it.
They say you have to go on and forget the past, but for me it’s not like that
cause every time i try to forget the memory hunts me again..
It’s so hard to look at you and think we were so close.
If someone really loves you, they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how big the situation is.
The most painful goodbye’s are those which were never said and never explained.
I hate when people say they miss you, but don’t make a effort to speak to you or see you. 

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Top 10 Sad DP for Whatsapp Profile in Hindi - Best Collection

Sad Dp for Whatsapp. Hello, friends. Today I am sharing some Sad, unhappy Images ith you. If you are feeling low or down then these Images for Whatsapp Dp are best for you. Some people search for Sad dp or profile pictures for their WhatsApp profile but they end up with finding some outdated and boring dp images. So I decided to compile a collection of 10 Images for Whatsapp Dp that are really good and which you can use as your WhatsApp or facebook profile picture without thinking twice. This Time I am sharing Dp Images in Hindi for Whatsapp. If you are looking for Sad Quotes Images you can check my previous post for same. I had also shared Feeling Lonely Images which you might like in case you are feeling alone.

Best Sad Dp Images for Whatsapp Profile Pictures - Hindi

You will also find some short sad status for whatsapp in hindi at the end of this post. ake sure to check them. 

मरने को मर भी जाऊँ कोई मसला नहीं, लेकिन ये तय तो हो कि अभी जी रही हूँ मैं !!
जिस कदर तुमने भुला रखा है कभी सोचना, हम सब छोड़कर निकले थे एक तेरी मोहब्बत के लिये..
जरा खुद ही सोचना क्या गुज़रेगी उस दिन तुम पर……जब तू चाहेगी मुझे मेरी तरह और मैं छोड दूँगा तुझे तेरी तरह..
कभी न कभी वो मेरे बारे में सोंचेगी ज़रूर.. के हासिल होने की उम्मीद भी नही थी, फिर भी वफ़ा करता था !!
जो कभी मेरी उदासी की वजह पूछा करता था अब उसको मेरे रोने से भी फर्क नहीं पढ़ता।
वो पत्थर कहाँ मिलेंगे दोस्तों ? जिसे लोग दिल पर रख कर एक दूसरे को भूल जाते हैं।
कहते है, प्यार की शुरुआत आँखो से होती है,यकीन मानो दोस्तो ,प्यार की कीमत भी आँखो से ही चुकानी पड़ती है |
वो जा रही थी और मैं खामोश खड़ा देखता रहा, क्योंकि सुना था कि पीछे से आवाज़ नहीं देते..!
ना मेरा दिल बुरा था ना उसमें कोई बुराई थी , सब नसीब का खेल है , बस किस्मत में जुदाई थी।
इरादा कतल का था तो मेरा सिर कलम कर देते , क्यों इश्क़ में डाल कर तूने मेरी हर साँस पर मौत लिखदी।

Final Words: I hope you like the above collection of Sad Dp for Whatsapp Profile in Hindi. You can download these Whatsapp Dp Images for free and use it as your profile picture. Also copy the Hindi Sad Status to make a good combination of Dp Image and Whatsapp Status.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Feeling Lonely Images for Whatsapp - Alone Dp Images with Status

Are you Feeling Alone or Lonely? It happens. At some point in our life, we all feel lonely and alone due to some reasons. It could be missing someone you love most or your best friend is behaving weird with you. There are many such reasons which could possibly make you feel low and alone. But don't worry, Just Chill, and Try to forget your loneliness and be happy. There is no need to sad for anyone who doesn't deserve you. Now if you are reading this post then you must be searching for some Alone Images for your Whatsapp dp. So you are at right place, Today I am sharing some Feeling Lonely Images for Whatsapp and Facebook you can download from here for free and also I am sharing some of the best Alone Status for Whatsapp. This Blog is specially for Dp Images. I had also share some dp images on  love, sad, funny, heart-broken, cute profile pictures etc that you must check. For all Latest Whatsapp Profile Pictures, Visit this Blog. We update this Blog with latest whatsapp dp images regularly and also you can share your whatsapp dp with us on our facebook page. You can also use this Images for Hike Profile Pictures. 

Download Feeling Alone Images for Whatsapp - Dp Images

Feeling Lonely | Alone Status for Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike

  • Silence is the most powerful SCREAM.
  • I miss how you always made time for me.
  • My silence is just another word for my pain.
  • I'm leaving for our own Good, Now i am happy, how about you?
  • People cry not because they are weak, It's because they've been strong for too long.
  • I fall too fast, crush too hard, forgive too easy, and care too much.
  • I'm slowly giving up.
  • I'm not afraid to fall in LOVE, I'm afraid to fall for a wrong person again.
  • You're the only exception.
  • But the all didn't see the little bit of sadness in me.
  • Out of all lies you have told... was my favorite.
  • Being ignored, worst feeling ever.
  • Never put your happiness in someone else's hands.
  • I always found the right one on wrong time.
  • I hope you'll realize how much you're hurting me someday.
  • If you give up on me, I'm going to give up on me too.
  • There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to be sad among others, and those who prefer to be sad alone.
  • I have taken life on the sad side, and it had helped me to understand many many failures, many utter ruins.
  • Take my word for it, the saddest thing under the sky is a soul incapable of sadness.
  • One day you’ll find someone who doesn’t care about your past because they want to be your future.
  • You have a place in my heart no one else ever could have.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to pretend you don’t care than to admit its killing you.
  • Make the most beautiful mistakes, mine is you.
  • Never giveup on someone you cant spend a day not thinking about.
  • I feel crappy inside,like something just broke.
  • As a rule, our minds are sad.
  • All gracefulness, it seems, is tinged with sadness.
  • Don't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you.
  • You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.
  • I could make you happy, too, if only you’d give me a chance.
  • Every relationship is messed up. What makes it perfect is if you still want to be there when things really suck.
  • Please BURN my sad memories.
  • Loneliness doesn't KILL, but sometimes I wish it DID.
  • I just want to fall asleep until I don't miss you anymore.
  • Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
  • I hate missing someone and not being able to do anything about it.
  • Some friends only last but so long, then they step on you like dirt.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cute Couple Images for Facebook Profile | Whatsapp DP Images

Whatsapp Profile Pictures Download of Cute Couple Images with Love Romantic Quotes. Today, I am sharing some lovely Cute Couple Images for Facebook and Whatsapp Profile you can download for free from here and also sharing some love quotes for WhatsApp you can update your WhatsApp status with these lovely romantic couple images for Whatsapp. I have added the Best Image in WhatsApp profile picture size. I hope you may like this Beautiful Collection of Love Images for Whatsapp. If you are reading this post then you might like my previous post on Beautiful Love Images for FB Profile Pic

Couple Whatsapp Dp Images Download for Free | Facebook Profile Pictures

Love Quotes for Couple | Whatsapp Love Status

I just want to stay by you day and night. The best feeling I get is when I see your face early morning and when I dream about you by night.
The day I met you I knew that this was not going to be just for a day.
I knew that I will see your sweet face every day, that I will know you and live with you for the rest of my life.
If today I die, I will be at peace because I have known my soul mate and have understood the true meaning of love.
I used to be lonely, waiting for the right person to come by and love me and then you came like the morning star, bright as ever...
loving as only you could ever have.
Your love has changed me so very much. People say I am a different person now.
I guess when you fall in love, everything changes.
You came like the night thief. Bloomed in my heart like the red rose and
I want you to light up my life like the morning sun.
I fell for you in a heart beat because you are such a sweetheart.
Though I fell so easily missing you is is the toughest part.
That is why I have locked you as priority and only you have the keys to my heart.
We all automatically close our eyes when we experience something beautiful like a happy dream or an intimate kiss.
These days, whenever I close my eyes all I see is YOU!
There is a story behind every little emotion that a person experiences in life.
You are the most beautiful story behind the emotion of love in my heart.
There is not enough that I can write about you, but I want to end this page by saying that I really, glaringly and daringly love you.
I love you and why should I care for what people say about you? No matter what they say,
I know that satisfying everyone every time is impossible but pissing them is so much FUN.
Even though I found you on an ordinary day, it felt like I found a precious pearl in an oyster when I deep dived into the sea.
Baby, you are really that precious to me.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Best Love Images with Wordings - Images for Whatsapp

Today I am Sharing the Best Images for Whatsapp on Love i.e. Love Images with Wordings Download for free and Upload as you Whatsapp Profile Picture and Facebook Dp. After Sharing Beautiful Love Images for Facebook, Today I am Sharing Some of the Best Images with Love Wordings and Love Status Messages.You can Download these Images and Copy the Love Messages below every Image and use it as your Status on Whatsapp. Love Images is the Best Way to Impress your Loved Ones like your Husband, Wife, Gf, BF. In my Previous post, I had Shared some Nice Quotes with Images and you like those Images so I decided to Share some Love Quotes Images with you. Now, Without Wasting time, Go and get the Best Love Image with wordings and Sayings for him/her. 

Download Love Images for Free with Wordings for Whatsapp

 If you really want to love someone, start from loving their flaws.
 It’s not love that hurts, it’s the person providing it! You must figure out who is worth the pain? Because only in a fairy tales love is perfect without conflict. 
 I trust you with anything, you know everything about me,
we have been through so much, you are closer to me than anyone else, I love you! 
 I am lucky. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend who just so happens to be my husband. 
 Love is the life you live, live is the life you love.   
 True love is not the number of kisses, or how often you get them,
true love is the feeling that still lingers long after the kiss is over. 
 You never know that its love, until you start writing poetry.
 Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.  
Every time you hold me, hold me like it’s the last time.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Top 10 Funny Images with Quotes for Whatsapp, Facebook - Free Download

Funny Quotes Images for Whatsapp and Facebook are available here for free download. I had collected some Funny Quotes for Whatsapp Status and also converted them into Images so that you can use them as your Whatsapp Profile Picture and Facebook Dp. All Below Funny Images with Quotes for WhatsApp and Facebook are free to download and you can use them in any way you want. Update your Whatsapp DP Images, Hike Profile Picture or Facebook Profile Pic. These Funny Images for Whatsapp are based on some latest funny quotes and status I found on Internet and I handpicked only the Best and Compiled into this Post. Now without wasting time, go and download the Best Whatsapp Image Jokes and Funny Status Iimages. Amusing Images Collection is here and I will keep updating this post with Latest Images for Whatsapp

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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